Our People

Our People

The Artists who create original new productions, together with a Board of Directors, Administrative team and Production personnel, all contribute to the calibre of our art making. We work passionately and professionally to both serve and advance the art form.

Pacific Opera is governed by a committed board of directors who advance the company’s mission through budget approval, oversight, and risk management; work on board committees and task forces; support for fundraising and donor stewardship; and ambassadorship and advocacy efforts to promote the arts, develop community collaborations, and welcome patrons and the wider community into the world of opera.

Honorary Directors

The Pacific Opera Victoria Foundation is a registered charitable society that exists to support Pacific Opera Victoria. The Foundation accepts current and planned gifts through bequests and estate giving or other types of future gifts to provide ongoing support for the programs and activities of POV and to develop endowment funds, reserve funds and other financial assets.

Foundation Trustees

  • Marilyn Walker, Director of Finance
  • Maureen Woodall, Executive Associate
  • Yvette Guigueno, Director of Development
  • Nicole Malcolm, Director of Marketing and Communications
  • Steve Barker, Donor Relations Coordinator
  • Noelle Hinrichs, Development Coordinator
  • Amy Culliford, Box Office Manager
  • Kristen Iversen, Patron Services Associate
  • Mackenzie Lawrence, Marketing Assistant
  • Ereca Hassell, Director of Production and Artistic Administration
  • Rebecca Hass, Director of Community Engagement
  • Robert Holliston, Curator, Public Engagement
  • Giuseppe Pietraroia, Chorus Master and Associate Conductor
  • Kimberley-Ann Bartczak, Principal Coach & Accompanist
  • Teresa Turgeon, Opera Titles
  • Chris Sibbald, Stage Manager
  • Mark Leigh, Technical Director
  • Phil Shaver, Head Carpenter
  • Keith Allan, Lead Scenic Carpenter
  • Jennifer Hedge, Head Scenic Artist
  • Jeremy Herndl, Lead Scenic Artist
  • Maureen Mackintosh, Head of Properties
  • Kristen Sands, Lead Property Master
  • Sandra McLellan, Head Wardrobe
  • Alice Hawes, Lead Wardrobe
  • Katri Tahvanainen, Master Cutter
  • Jessica Pratt, Head Make-up Artist
  • Cristina Woods, Hair and Wig stylist

The Victoria Symphony are key musical partners for Pacific Opera Victoria productions.

Victoria Symphony
Christian Kluxen, Music Director
Kathryn Laurin, CEO

Musicians of the VS

First Violins

  • Terence Tam, Concertmaster
  • Christi Meyers, Assistant Concertmaster
  • Courtney Cameron
  • Phillip Manning
  • Müge Büyükçelen-Badel
  • Cory Balzer
  • Michele Kwon *

Second Violins

  • Victoria Lindsay, Principal
  • Julian Vitek
  • Emily Salmon
  • Christopher Taber


  • Kenji Fusé, Principal
  • Stacey Boal
  • Kay Cochran
  • Mieka Michaux


  • Brian Yoon, Principal
  • Joyce Ellwood
  • Martin Bonham
  • Perry Foster


  • Mary Rannie, Principal
  • Darren Buhr


  • Richard Volet, Principal
  • Stephanie Bell


  • Stephanie Bell


  • Michael Byrne, Principal
  • Russell Bajer

English Horn

  • Russell Bajer


  • Keith MacLeod, Principal
  • Jennifer Christensen

Bass Clarinet

  • Jennifer Christensen


  • Jennifer Gunter, Principal
  • Anne Marie Power


  • Alana Despins, Principal *
  • Michael Oswald, Acting Principal


  • Ryan Cole, Principal
  • David Michaux


  • Brad Howland


  • William Linwood, Principal


  • Corey Rae, Principal *
  • Julian Jeun, Acting Principal


  • Annabelle Stanley, Principal

Orchestra Manager

  • Peter Burris

Operations Manager

  • Eric Gallipo


  • Christopher Reiche Boucher
  • Russell Bajer, Assistant


* on leave

The orchestra under Timothy Vernon was superb – led with great finesse that never overshadowed the voices, and full of lovely touches, like a sopranino recorder solo as a bird, and a blistering harpsichord solo that brought the house down.

Melissa Ratcliff, Schmopera, review of Rinaldo, 2018


Never before had I realized how beautiful so much of the music is: to a degree the consequence of the transparency of the smaller orchestra and, of course, the musicianship of Maestro Vernon and his players… 

The strength of the orchestra made itself apparent immediately with the magical opening to the opera, that long E flat pedal presenting primordial beginnings, with rising horn arpeggios joining in—the rise of life from the void—then the sinuous strings representing the river Rhine, the opera’s Eden. It was thrilling to watch at the same time the world take form above the stage from a pinpoint of light to the round globe itself. Despite the lack of full Wagnerian weight, the sequence had the hairs on the back of my neck standing up.

Harvey De Roo, Vancouver Classical Music, review of Das Rheingold, 2014

The Pacific Opera Chorus comprises adults of all ages and includes community singers, aspiring professionals, and vocal students at the Victoria Conservatory of Music and the University of Victoria.

Over the last decade, with the support of a generous anonymous grant, Pacific Opera has offered a growing range of development opportunities for the Chorus. These include workshops on dance, movement, stage combat, and more, master classes by visiting artists, and other programs designed for members of the Chorus, as well as for other students of voice, and for practising artists working in the fields of music, theatre, stage design and direction.

Auditions for the Pacific Opera Chorus are held each year. Please check our Careers and Auditions page for future audition postings.


  • Kyla Fradette
  • Ai Horton
  • Gina Johnson
  • Chelsea Kutyn
  • Andrea Paddock
  • Cheryl Pocklington
  • Abigail Shuliger
  • Emlyn Sheeley
  • Annalysa Tylor
  • Allison Ward


  • Margo Brody
  • Amanda Chaval
  • Rebekah Janzen
  • Cathie Lylock
  • Zoe Pelton
  • Carol Pudwell
  • Cassidy Stahr
  • Andrea Palin


  • Joey Bulman
  • Alex Chen
  • Stephen Cropper
  • Taylor Fawcett
  • Grady Forsberg
  • Kieran Foss
  • Brian Holgate
  • Steve Wadhams


  • Brian Andiel
  • Louis Dillon
  • Jaon Fisher
  • Dale Friesen
  • Chris Hinz
  • Kurt Krebs
  • Gerald Shieven
  • Jaya Seely
  • Ron Skelton
  • William Wang


The Pacific Opera Chorus, too, shone bright. They looked fabulous in their roaring twenties flapper dresses and elegant suits, and sounded just as good. 

Robin Miller, Opera Canada, review of La traviata, 2019


With acting skills matched by their formidable vocal performance, the Chorus conveyed the pathos of the prisoners’ lot movingly.

Honorary Patron
Her Honour
The Honourable Janet Austin, OBC
Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia