La clemenza di Tito


Oct 16, 2024 7:30pm

Oct 18, 2024 7:30pm

Oct 20, 2024 2:30pm

Oct 22, 2024 7:30pm

Venue Royal Theatre, 805 Broughton

Duration 2 hrs, 45 mins (Including 20 min intermission)

Political intrigue, mercy, loyalty, and the complexities of leadership.

Wolfgang Mozart’s La clemenza di Tito is a captivating opera serial that unfolds against the backdrop of ancient Rome. Emperor Tito Vespasiano, renowned for his benevolence and clemency, grapples with political intrigue and personal conflicts. The narrative takes a thrilling turn as Tito faces betrayal from those closest to him, including his closest friend Sesto and the enigmatic Vitellia. The opera reaches its climax with Tito’s struggle to balance mercy and justice, culminating in a powerful display of forgiveness and redemption. The sumptuous arias and emotionally charged ensembles, combined with Mozart’s exquisite orchestration, create a musical tapestry that elevates the drama to extraordinary heights, making La clemenza di Tito a timeless masterpiece.

Mozart’s opera is a tour de force of vocal virtuosity and dramatic intensity, exploring themes of power, loyalty, and the transformative nature of mercy. The characters come to life through Mozart’s masterful use of melody and harmony, with each aria expressing the complex emotions of love, betrayal, and forgiveness. The opera’s triumphant conclusion not only showcases Mozart’s genius but also leaves audiences with a profound reflection on the enduring power of compassion and the human capacity for redemption. La clemenza di Tito stands as a testament to Mozart’s ability to craft emotionally resonant and musically sublime works that continue to captivate audiences around the world.

“This production will welcome some major Canadian artists to the Pacific Opera Victoria stage, including Andrew Haji, and Jennifer Tarver. La Clemenza di Tito brings together extraordinary vocal prowess and musical drama to illuminate a human story on both the micro and macro level. On one side, it is a tale of political intrigue, plots, and manipulation (a bit like the popular TV show “Succession”) and on the other side, it challenges us to think about forgiveness, and the cost of clemency on a human level.”

Brenna Corner, Artistic Director

Cast and Creative Team are subject to change.

2024 | 2025

Sung In
Italian with English Surtitles

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Royal Theatre, 805 Broughton

Seat Map

Opera Length

Estimated Run Time: 2 hrs, 45 mins (Including 20 min intermission)

Pre-performance talk: 1 hour before each performance

Act 1 70 mins

Intermission 20 mins

Act 2 75 mins



Tito Vespasian
Andrew Haji

Tracy Cantin

Taylor Raven

Julia Dawson


Stephen Hegedus

Creative Team

Stage Director
Jennifer Tarver

Set Designer
Camellia Koo

A powerful final work by Mozart, brimming with intrigue, emotional complexity, and the tension between duty and mercy.

Political intrigue, mercy, loyalty, and the complexities of leadership.