The Garden of Alice


Feb 24, 2022 7:30pm

Feb 26, 2022 2:30pm

Feb 26, 2022 7:30pm

Venue Royal Theatre, 805 Broughton

Duration 80mins

Where memory is a wonderland.

This is the moment when opera finally becomes a true cinematic experience. Presenting The Garden of Alice — the world premiere of a magical, eye-popping film, that reimagines a classic story, looking well beyond childhood and fully at life. You won’t want to miss this emotionally driven story — conceived, directed, and shot for the screen.

And there’s a twist.

The Garden of Alice shifts Lewis Carroll’s famous Alice in Wonderland tale to a new perspective, where we meet Alice as an elderly woman in hospital reflecting back on her vivid adventures in a dream-like haze.

As Alice’s hospital attendants care for her, they transform into the beloved, sketchy, and sometimes wicked characters from ‘down the rabbit hole’, and Alice awakens to discover her life’s meaning, through the lens.

This enchanting indie film is a stylized cinematic and musical experience unlike anything we’ve seen before. Audiences of all generations will succumb to the charms of this story — its depth, fantastical visual qualities, and ultimate meaning – about the promise of life itself.

Let your imagination run wild again!

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Your key to The Garden of Alice, and much more …

  • Discover the process creating an opera for film
  • Explore the characters, the story, and the music

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Read about the premiere of The Garden of Alice in “Premiere in the Prairies” by Denise Ball!

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Royal Theatre, 805 Broughton


Creative Team

Composer | Librettist
Elizabeth Raum

Timothy Vernon

Stage Director
Glynis Leyshon

Video Producer | Director of Photography
David Malysheff

Set & Costume Designer
Pam Johnson

Lighting Designer
Jeff Harrison

Background Images
Emily Cooper


Tracy Dahl

White Rabbit | Doctor
Justin Welsh

Pat the Gardner | Intern | Fish Doorman
Nolan Kehler

Knave (Jack) of Hearts | Janitor
Asitha Tennekoon

Cheshire Cat | Patient with Dentures | Caterpillar | Card #5
Peter Monaghan

Duchess | Intern | Extra Card
Simran Claire

Queen of Hearts | Head Nurse
Megan Latham

Mad Hatter | Orderly with Tea Trolley | Frog Footman | Card #7
Peter McGillivray

Hare | Intern | Card #2 | Cook
Kaden Forsberg

Dormouse | Young Nurse | Lady in Waiting
Sara Schabas

A stylized cinematic musical experience unlike anything seen before.

Let your imagination run wild again!