Hina stares boldly at the camera, light pouring onto her face from one side of the frame, but not the other. Her long dark hair is pushed behind her shoulders.

Hina Nishioka

Lighting Designer

Hina Nishioka (Technical and Lighting Director) is an emerging lighting designer based in lower mainland of BC. Originally from Japan, she enjoys exploring projects with variety of cultural background whether from the company or project itself. Her selected recent lighting design credits include Yaga (Touchstone Theatre), Blue Stockings (Studio 58), Kwê (Jeanette Kotowich), and Threading Echo (NEXT Project 2021). Her assistant lighting design credits are Harlem Duet (Bard on the Beach, LD: Sophie Tang), Bad Parent (vAct, LD: Gerald King), Wabi-Sabi (Kokoro Dance, LD: Gerald King) and Othello (University of Victoria, LD: Michael Whitfield). She is also a lighting board operator for live events and film and TV shows. She holds BFA in Theatre from University of Victoria.

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