Itai stands with one arm resting on a ladder as stage lights shine down on him with a blue hue. He has a dark, short beard and wears glasses.

Itai Erdal

Lighting Designer

Itai Erdal has designed over 350 shows all over North America and Europe. He won six Jessie Richardson Awards, Toronto’s Dora Award, a Winnipeg Theatre Award, Victoria’s Spotlight Choice Award, the Jack King Award and the Design Award at the Dublin Fringe Festival. He was shortlisted for the Siminovitch Prize in 2018. Itai’s one-man show: How to Disappear Completely has had 25 remounts and continues to tour. His play Soldiers of Tomorrow will be at the 2023 Push Festival, opening at the Roundhouse on Feb 2nd . He is the Artistic Director of the Elbow Theatre in Vancouver.

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