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Subscriptions for a Future Season

Pacific Opera is working with our artists to prepare for a future season that will include Carmen, Death in Venice, and Don Giovanni as soon as it is safe and responsible to gather again at the Royal Theatre. To conform to the requirements of British Columbia’s Restart Plan, activities requiring large gatherings are impossible for the foreseeable future and we have postponed the opera productions that were originally to be performed at Victoria’s Royal Theatre and McPherson Playhouse during the 2020/21 season.

Our singers and musicians are preparing their roles, while our directors, designers and craftspeople will create and build the staging, sets, and costumes for these productions. Fully refundable subscriptions are available now, as we all prepare for this Future Season.

Reasons to Subscribe Now

Your subscription is a ticket to the future, and your expression of intent to join us when large-scale productions return is a meaningful vote of confidence in opera and the performing arts.

If you have already renewed your subscription, we ask that you please hold on to it if you can. We will be in touch with you as soon as we have confirmed the dates for the thrilling future mainstage season. If you also held on to your ticket for Carmen, we will be in touch to discuss your wishes for the balance on your account.

If you have not yet subscribed to the future season, please consider doing so, with the understanding that every subscription is fully refundable, and we are offering a deferred payment plan. You can secure your seat, risk free, and know that there are operas being eagerly prepared for your return.

How to Subscribe

You may subscribe Online, by phoning Amy or Kristen at 250-385-0222, or by sending an email to

Thank you for your continued encouragement, commitment, and passion for the Opera and the performing arts in Greater Victoria. We need the arts – and you – more than ever, and as our community finds ways to gather, your opera will be there!

Subscriber Benefits

Season subscribers enjoy numerous benefits, including savings over single ticket prices, complimentary ticket exchanges, and ENews updates.

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Subscribers …

  • Save money over single ticket prices and get first dibs on the best seats.
  • Can buy additional tickets before they go on sale to the public.
  • Pay no Ticket Fees (We pay the fee).
  • Enjoy complimentary ticket exchange privileges.
  • May exchange their tickets for another performance of the same opera at no charge. You pay only the difference in price if your new ticket costs more. To exchange tickets, contact the Pacific Opera box office no later than one business day prior to your original performance date. Order with confidence, knowing that if your schedule changes, we’ll gladly change your tickets too!
  • Enjoy exclusive ticket return privileges
  • May turn in their tickets for a charitable tax receipt if they cannot attend a production. To return tickets, contact the Pacific Opera box office no later than one business day before the date on the tickets.
  • Get ENews updates with inside information about Pacific Opera events and performances.

Subscription Exchange and Refund Policies

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Subscription tickets, though generally non-refundable, are fully refundable for the Future Season.
Subscribers may exchange tickets that are part of a subscription package for another performance of the same opera. Simply contact the Pacific Opera Box Office at least one business day before the scheduled performance. There is no charge for this service if you are a subscriber, unless your new ticket costs more than the original.

Subscribers may also exchange their tickets through the RMTS box office for a fee of $2.50 per ticket.

Subscription tickets may be returned as a tax-deductible donation. To return your subscription tickets, please contact the Pacific Opera Box Office at least one business day prior to your original performance date. A charitable tax receipt in the amount of the donated ticket will be issued by mail shortly after the performance.

Lost tickets can be reprinted at the box office when you arrive for the performance. Please arrive at the box office at least 30 minutes prior to performance start time and bring some ID. A replacement ticket will be issued at that time.

Additional Information

Latecomers will not be seated until intermission, so please arrive in plenty of time.

We encourage you to arrive one hour early so you can enjoy Robert Holliston’s pre-performance lobby lecture, which is free with your ticket.

Pacific Opera Victoria tries to maintain a scent-free zone, so please be considerate to other patrons and refrain from wearing strong perfume or cologne to the theatre.

No video, audio or photo recordings are allowed inside the theatre.

Light snacks and beverages are available for purchase before the show and at intermission, but are not permitted inside the theatre.

The length of each opera performance varies. Most performances last about 2 hours and 45 minutes, including an intermission. If you need information about a specific production, please contact our Box Office at 250-385-0222.


By phone 250.385.0222

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A costume sketch of a knee length flowing red dress with a V shaped neckline.
Preliminary sketch of Carmen’s dress by costume designer Sylvain Genois.

Costume Sketch of a blue dress with puffy over the shoulder sleeves, a light blue top that is tied with a ribbon at the waist, and flows dowen to ankle length in a darker shad navy blue.
Preliminary sketch of a dress for Micaela by costume designer Sylvain Genois.

Costume Sketch of Apollo's costume for Death in Venice. He is earing a gold mask with leaves growing out of the top two corners of the mask. He is in a black suit embroidered with intricate god designs that cover the entirety of the suit, and the cape he wears overtop, making him look like the sun itself.
Costume sketch of Apollo for Death in Venice by designer Debra Hanson.

A close up and full body sketch of a person waring a hooded cloak and golden black mask. An ominous air to the look, the cloak covers the entire person, flowing to the ground like molten gold, tied with a bow at the nape of the neck.
Costume sketch of the look for the Chorus members for Death in Venice by designer Debra Hanson.