2023 | 24 Season

Full-Flavoured Opera

Opera fans, we look forward to seeing you at the Royal Theatre for a season of full-flavoured opera!

Wagner’s Die Walküre

October 12 – 21 | 2023

A bold and robust masterpiece of musical storytelling, the iconic score of Wagner’s Die Walküre is a rich and sumptuous feast for the senses.

The vivid orchestration takes you deep into the world of Norse mythology, where cosmic fate devours illicit lovers and Valkyries soar on sweeping melodies.

A three-course (three-act) gourmet opera experience of a lifetime – come to explore the cycles of love, tragedy, and heroic feat.

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Golijov’s Ainadamar

February 21 – 27 | 2024

A delicious journey into the true story of playwright Federico García Lorca, Golijov’s Ainadamar explores his life through the eyes, and voice, of his muse – Catalan actress Margarita Xirgu.

Filled with the passion of flamenco and set in the heat of a civil war, Ainadamar is a nuanced and spicy tapa-sized tapestry of sound that is both delicate and bold.

Like the unfolding flavors and aromas of a Rioja, Golijov’s masterful composition transports you to the heart of Andalusia.

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Mozart’s The Marriage of Figaro

April 3 – 9 | 2024

A luxurious celebration banquet, Mozart’s The Marriage of Figaro is a favourite of aficionados and the perfect production for a first taste of opera.

Opulent and satisfying, with lush orchestration and a love story – or love stories – as tender and temperamental as a soufflé, as a clever servant aims to outwit his masters in a game of love and deception.

The Marriage of Figaro is a must-see opera that will leave you immensely nourished and enriched.

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