Alice Hawes

Lead Wardrobe

As the Lead Wardrobe at Pacific Opera Victoria, Alice works with a team of talented costumers to bring a director and designer’s vision to reality. From sewing costumes, fitting performers, and organizing the multitudes of costume pieces for each production, she finds joy in all the details that bring a new production to life.

After receiving a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Arts at San Jose State University, Alice worked for several years at the San Francisco Opera and then at the Metropolitan Opera in New York, where she honed her skills making elaborate costumes. Since moving to Victoria in 1998, she has worked on over 50 productions with Pacific Opera Victoria. You may have also seen her costumes in productions at the Belfry Theatre, Kaleidoscope Theatre for Young People, and the University of Victoria, as well as on TV and in film.

When not making costumes, Alice passes on her love of sewing to students and mentors young costumers in the making.

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