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The Company

Pacific Opera Victoria is one of the most influential professional opera companies in Canada. Its inspired repertoire comprises original productions of classic favourites and lesser known works, as well as new commissions, co-productions, and collaborations with other companies and arts organizations across the country. From its home in the Baumann Centre, Pacific Opera Victoria creates significant career opportunities for creative and performing artists and curates opera in surprising ways – enticing newcomers and captivating loyal opera-goers.

The company currently stages three operas each season at Victoria’s Royal Theatre, a venue whose intimacy provides for a wondrous collision of theatre and music. We also produce smaller-scale chamber works at the Baumann Centre where we make our home.

Because we design and build every production, we enjoy exceptional programming creativity and flexibility – and this greatly benefits Canadian artists, including performers who welcome the opportunity to explore new roles, and directors and designers who thrive on the exceptional creative latitude they find here. For all artists, Pacific Opera offers a nurturing and supportive environment.

As well as creating and staging original productions for our audiences, Pacific Opera co-produces across North America. We are skilled collaborators and adept at creating new work.

For the community, the world of opera is brought  closer to home with concerts, discussions, school visits, and more, surprising many with the enjoyment and enrichment that opera has to offer. Pacific Opera is a valued cultural and community asset, inspiring audiences, nurturing emerging and community artists, and developing a growing network of collaborative partnerships.

Pacific Opera’s home in the Baumann Centre is a welcoming venue for an array of initiatives to nurture artists, engage the community, and educate and delight families and youth. The company curates opera in ways that entice newcomers, captivate loyal opera-goers, advance opera as a resource for educators and young people, and keep the experience of attending, making, and learning about Opera full of extraordinary surprises.

Our role is to curate four centuries of opera, to provide a range of opportunities for the performers we love and admire, and to bring our audience to understand the deep human values in the art.
– Timothy Vernon, Artistic Director

Rinaldo, 2016. Jennifer Taverner, top. Stéphanie Lessard, Andrey Nemzer. David Cooper Photography

Rinaldo, 2018. Jennifer Taverner, top. Stéphanie Lessard, Andrey Nemzer. David Cooper Photography