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Opera can surprise you. Both on and off the stage, it offers intriguing ways to see the world and marvellous reasons to connect with the people around us.

Opera Etc is everything we do OFF THE STAGE and ONLINE to bring opera to your life. It is Pacific Opera’s invitation to you to discover, learn, and enjoy. You may not figure out the meaning of life, but you will find new ways to explore art in the context of the world in which we live. In the current world we’re living, where it can be challenging to remain Physically Distant but Socially Connected, Opera Etc Online is your connection to artists, videos, podcasts, and more.

What's Online Now

Physically Distant | Socially Connected

Join us for the Listening Party Podcast as Rebecca Hass and guests share favourite stories about the role music plays in the lives of our artists, creative team, and collaborators – and in your life as an arts lover.

After each podcast, tune in to Pacific Opera’s Spotify Playlists. A new Listening Party Playlist is added every week. Meet the people, hear the stories, experience the music!

One Conversation | Five Reflections

With this new video series, Pacific Opera’s Artistic Director Timothy Vernon shares his inside knowledge of opera and his idiosyncratic perspective on the art form. Expect thoughtful – and off-the-wall – discussions of opera and the people who make it happen.

Online and on demand. Grab a coffee, take a breath, and enjoy intimate video moments with some of the Pacific Opera family of artists.

Inside Opera with Robert Holliston is moving online. Join Robert Holliston, the regular host of Inside Opera and of Pacific Opera’s pre-show Lobby Talks, for a series of chats with special guests about everything opera-related. Recommended for newcomers and opera aficionados alike, Inside Opera Online is insightful, friendly, and funny. It’s also available on demand whenever you feel like listening.

Lunchbox Opera has moved off stage and online for the foreseeable future to continue to share the love of opera and the knowledge of our artists and community.
A relaxing way to take a break and take in a bit of music. Settle down with your lunch or afternoon tea and enjoy a recital in your living room or home office.

Washing your hands has never been so much fun! Sing along as artists from our past and future productions perform popular arias to new words while demonstrating proper handwashing technique.

The Flight of the Hummingbird is an enchanting new opera for the whole family – and a call to action for all of us to do what we can.
A free online broadcast of the 45-minute opera will be available on demand beginning May 19, 2020, along with additional learning resources and videos.

Relive Pacific Opera’s recent productions through video excerpts, photos, reviews, articles from our Keynotes Newsletter, and insightful Programme Notes from our stage directors and Artistic Director.
Relive the magic of these productions and discover more about some of the amazing operas Pacific Opera has staged.

For All to Hear celebrates and features diverse voices from the IBPoC (Indigenous, Black, People of Colour) community of artists and other marginalized voices, offering a platform to share music and stories that matter.

Bridging together the power of song and lived experience, For All to Hear is a gathering space for artists to speak directly, because the communication of truths is what art and artists can do with unequaled directness.

You are invited to follow along here, where we’ll share photos and artist vlogs (video blogs) showcasing the artists’ process, their a-ha moments, and each of the personal journeys as they discovering their own creative potential. The year culminates in a series of eight Music Alive video recitals.

The Baumann Centre

925 Balmoral Rd
Victoria, BC V8T 1A7

Behind the scenes of filming Inside Opera for Opera Etc.

Three people sit with glass COVID safety dividers between them, a piano and the Opera Etc. banner behind them. A camera is in the forefront of the image, filming thte three subjects as they talk about all things opera.
Timothy Vernon, Michael Shamata, and Rebecca Hass filming an episode of Take Five with Timothy.

The Opera Etc banner is up in the Baumann Centre, with two tall plants on either side of it.