Andy Moro


The Scenic and Projection Designer for the opera Missing, Andy Moro is a Toronto-based Euro/Omushkego Cree artist with roots in Windsor, Moosefactory, Cochrane and Hearst Ontario, northern Italy, and somewhere in the Netherlands. Since 1990 he has toured extensively, implementing and operating his own designs internationally.

He is a member of the creative team at the Banff Centre’s Indigenous Dance Residency and co-founder and director of the multi-disciplinary organization Red Pepper Spectacle Arts. He facilitated the Production Mentorship Program at the Centre for Indigenous Theatre.

Andy has worked with Native Earth Performing Arts, New Harlem Productions, Young People’s Theatre, VideoCabaret, Red Sky Dance, Dancemakers, and many more. He is a multi-award winner and nominee and has twice been named among Toronto’s NOW Magazine top-10 theatre artists.

Mr. Moro is a founder and director, with Tara Beagan, of ARTICLE 11, a new creation and production company that celebrates Article 11 of the UN’s Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples through practice. Their performative installations have been featured at the National Arts Centre, the Royal Ontario Museum, Planet IndigenUs in Toronto, and at Performing Turtle Island in Regina in collaboration with the Gordon Tootoosis Nikaniwin Theatre. ARTICLE 11 recently premièred Reckoning – an interdisciplinary triptych tackling layers of fallout from the recently resolved Truth and Reconciliation Commission.


… its dramatic and visual power—helped by a stunning set that includes a giant, skeletal rib cage on the floor and haunting projections on the scrim covering the bones of a longhouse, by Euro/Omushkego Cree artist Andy Moro—and the simple force of the tragedy the Indigenous community continues to face make this production a must-see, for all Canadians.

Robin Miller, Opera Canada, Review of Missing, City Opera Vancouver / Pacific Opera Victoria, 2017.

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