Gina smiles brightly as she is turned slightly away from the camera, but looking directly at the viewer. She has shoulder length ginger hair with bangs and wears red lipstick.

Gina Johnson


From a very young age, Gina could be heard singing songs about anything from sandwiches to heartache. Now as a classically trained soprano, she has expanded her repertoire and musical skill. Gina obtained her diploma in Music Performance, completed at the VCM/Camosun College; during this education, she performed the role of Pamina in Opera Studio’s 2019 production of Mozart’s Die Zauberflöte. She also obtained her Certificate in Music Teaching from the Victoria Conservatory of Music in 2019 and has since been teaching a variety of students, with a focus on youngsters. Gina is passionate about choral music and small ensembles. Last year, she sang in an octet concert with Victoria Baroque, and has loved being involved in other similar projects. Music has brought joy throughout Gina’s life, and in addition to this, she is a doula, a tree planter, and a queer person.

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