Kristen Sands

Lead Properties Master

Kristen Sands has proudly collaborated with her props team colleagues on over 85 Operas since 1994.

As the Lead Props Builder for Pacific Opera for the last 28 years, Kristen has worked on a number of duplicated productions such as, three Carmens, three La Bohemes and at least three Madama Butterflys.

What makes this job so fascinating is that no two operas are alike. With each new opera brings a new designer, a new vision and a new concept. Taking a design element and bringing it to fruition is the highlight of the job. One way to describe the Props department is “We are the curators of everything object”.

The knowledge of a multitude of skills, problem solving and team collaboration is what enables Kristen to create “something from nothing” and it is what brings the show from paper to patrons.

When Kristen isn’t working on an opera you will find her on a film set working on any given TV Series, Major Motion Picture or Commercial.

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