Maureen Mackintosh

Head of Properties

Maureen feels very blessed to have the world’s best job – a props maker – giving her advanced skill sets and problem-solving capabilities, extensive knowledge of materials and research, and the ability to go from designer’s concepts to visualization to completed projects. Maureen has learned to meet deadlines and manage budgets with a sense of humour and an overwhelming sense of fun.

After 33 years and 105 productions, Maureen has honed her skills to work under pressure, be versatile, flexible, resourceful and imaginative, listen, interpret and jump with both feet into any new challenges: which is every show! Most of it has been made easy by the exceptional designers she has had the good fortune to work with.

In her down time Maureen turns her creative juices to her beloved garden and creating gourmet meals for friends, designing and building most of the 12 Days of Christmas for Butchart Gardens and needle felting her heart out.

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