Simon smiles brightly at the camera, showcasing joy through his expression. his bright teal shirt, and bold red background.

Simon Chalifoux


Montréal bass Simon Chalifoux will make his debut with Pacific Opera Victoria in the Civic Engagement Program. In 2016-2017, he was a member of Calgary Opera Emerging Artist Program. His debut with Edmonton Opera was in the title role of Le nozze di Figaro. His most recent performances were: Coline (La bohème), Gremin (Eugene Onegin), Sarastro (The Magic Flute), Harasta (Cunning Little Vixen).

During the last year and a half, he spent time self-educating on racism, sexism, and colonialism struggles, in hope to better understand the exclusion mechanism that plagues society and the arts world.

In 2012, Simon was introduced to Exeko, a Montreal based organisation who aims to promote a more inclusive society. He spent 8 years volunteering and working there, crafting his mediation skills. He’s now recognized for his gamified workshop during which participants are invited to reflect on social challenges. Using art and philosophy, he invites people to challenge society. He was also part of a laboratory exploring inclusive practices in the art institutions. His last personal project, Dictionnaire poétique des mots oubliés, was inviting passerby to invent definitions for old French words like bacbuc, esquipot and pet-en-l’air. The poetical definitions have been compiled into a zine and distributed in the streets of Montreal. He is now part of the education department at Opéra de Montréal, working on Espace Transition project as a cultural mediator.

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