Vision and Mission

Vision & Mission

Pacific Opera’s vision is to be the most distinctive opera company in Canada, a valued cultural and community asset that inspires artists and audiences alike.

In striving to achieve this vision, we …

  • produce an inspired repertoire of original productions and provide opportunities to Canadian as well as international artists at all stages of their careers.
  • engage diverse audiences in the communicative power of opera at performances and curated community events.
  • advance the use of opera as a resource for educators to enrich the learning of young people.
  • invite wide public and private investment in our activities, build strong relationships with our supporters, prudently steward our financial resources, and ensure effective, sustainable leadership among our Board, staff, artists, and volunteers.

Our Guiding Principles

Artistic Practice: We strive to present a diversity of repertoire and create high quality original productions to engage seasoned operagoers and welcome newcomers to opera.

Artist Development: We nurture our artists and provide opportunities for them to develop their artistic expression and showcase their gifts.

Audience Experience: We create meaningful experiences with our audiences, build knowledge, and make space for genuine engagement.

Inclusivity: We foster a welcoming environment and are inclusive of people from diverse backgrounds and experiences, seeking ways to engage in meaningful ways.

Civic Practice: We address cultural, civic, and social needs through our work as a community convenor and as an active arts leader.

Collaboration: We seek opportunities to collaborate with cultural organizations regionally, nationally, and internationally to bring greater benefits to our work and to theirs.

Applauding Philanthropy: We encourage philanthropy, celebrate the contributions that patrons, foundations and funders make to our company, and carefully steward their gifts.

Good Governance: We operate with sound governance and business practices, demonstrating accountability in all that we do.

Leadership: We demonstrate leadership in our local community and within the North American opera community.

Read about how Pacific Opera is working to uphold our Guiding Principles through a process of learning and consultation to develop a series of Action Plans for Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, Reconciliation and Environmental Stewardship in Rebecca Hass’ article “One Note at a Time”.

Our role is to curate four centuries of opera, to provide a range of opportunities for the performers we love and admire, and to bring our audience to understand the deep human values in the art.
– Timothy Vernon, Artistic Director

Rinaldo, 2016. Jennifer Taverner, top. Stéphanie Lessard, Andrey Nemzer. David Cooper Photography

Rinaldo, 2018. Jennifer Taverner, top. Stéphanie Lessard, Andrey Nemzer. David Cooper Photography