Rebecca Gray

Bringing Music to Life

Featuring the compositional and performance work of Rebecca Gray, Jess adapts a graphic novel exploring the impact of stroke and disability, and the restorative power of friendship and imagination.

Telling the story of Rachel and Jessie’s friendship through the hardship of stroke, Jess draws you in through all of the senses, with music that plays your heartstrings and striking visuals that evoke feelings of sadness, hope, and love. Jess shows firsthand the lifeline that friendship provides as we experience the trials and tribulations of life.

Rebecca Gray is a soprano, composer and improviser based in Toronto passionate about performing and creating fresh, complex and inclusive new works. A graduate of the University of Toronto Opera School, she appeared as Donna Elvira in University of Toronto’s Don Giovanni (2017), performed the titular role in Prima Zombie: the diva that wouldn’t stay dead (2017) and premiered the lead in Pomegranate (2019) with Buddies in Bad Times Theatre.