Tim Carter

Bringing Music to Life

Preserves shows the beauty of the small moments in romance, their lasting impact, how they cause nostalgia to grip your heart so strong you can almost taste it. Tim Carter invites the viewer to join in his reminiscing in this piece from Stuart Beatch’s song cycle, Still Running.

“My video showcases a romantic memory filled with touching nostalgia; a new composition by Stuart Beatch from his song cycle Still Running, featuring modern queer narratives.” – Tim Carter

Canadian tenor Tim Carter is a graduate student in music at the University of Victoria currently studying under Benjamin Butterfield. His debut performance with the Pacific Opera Victoria chorus was in the filmed production of Jake Heggie’s For a Look or a Touch. Having engaged in many new works and devised productions, Tim has a passion for showcasing modern narratives through the medium of opera. He believes that the strength of this genre lies in the ability to highlight modern issues through a sound world that evokes a passionate response from listeners.