For All to Hear

A Space for Truth

Pacific Opera wants to offer an opportunity and a platform for IBPoC (Indigenous, Black, People of Colour) opera artists to share their personal, lived experiences through musical performance or stories of moments that bring home the fact of racial division as they have lived through it.

We offer this space for artists to speak directly, because we want – and we want our patrons, donors, and community – to understand the profound implications of the world-wide response to George Floyd’s death. If the world is to change, as we know it must, communication of truths – even the hardest truths – is what art and artists can do with unequalled directness.

One way in which these artist platforms are taking form is through videos and podcasts offered on Pacific Opera’s online programs – such as these.

  • Lunchbox Opera

    Meet Charlotte Siegel, in conversation, in recital, and performing one of her own compositions. A Toronto born classical soprano, songwriter, and performer, Charlotte has just completed a Graduate Diploma in Opera and Voice at McGill University and was to have been a Resident Artist for Pacific Opera Victoria’s 40 Days of Opera in summer 2020 until the COVID-19 pandemic intervened.

    The past few weeks have been the heaviest I’ve ever felt. As a classical singer I am used to feeling the weight and responsibility of my blackness, but it feels different now. In the wake of the brutal murder of George Floyd people are finally awakening. It has taken long enough, and black people are tired! I feel angry, I feel numb, I feel everything. Between the social media posts, the news, and discussions, I kept searching for a way to lend my voice in a productive way. So I thank Rebecca Hass and Pacific Opera for giving me the space to respond to this moment in time in the best way I know how. I sincerely hope that we use this momentum to create a world where we don’t have to notice colour.
    Charlotte Siegel

    Hear more from Charlotte beginning June 26 at 1 pm.

  • Listening Party Podcast For All to Hear

    Podcast host Rebecca Hass invites baritone Samuel Chan and Chief Artistic Officer of Minnesota Opera Priti Gandhi to share their stories, experiences, and the songs that speak to them and reflect their work and process.

  • Acoustic Afternoons For All to Hear

    Baritone Samuel Chan, who will debut with Pacific Opera Victoria as Le Dancaïre (El Dancairo) in a future production of Carmen, performs and talks with Rebecca Hass.

    For the majority of my life, opera has been an art form which has showcased the beauty of storytelling through the human voice. However, the future of opera relies on the representation of stories and voices of all Canadians, which for far too long have been hidden due to systemic misrepresentation in our culture. I wish growing up I had the chance to see more people of colour, Indigenous artists, and artists of all orientations on stage, because I’ve had to navigate what it means to be a young artist of colour in a very predominately white world.
    Samuel Chan

    Hear more from Samuel Chan beginning July 10 at 1 pm.

If you are an IBPoC opera artist who would like to share your voice, your stories, and your creativity for all to hear, please email our Director of Community Engagement, Rebecca Hass, to discuss what you might have in mind.