Simran Claire

Bringing Music to Life

Dadima by Simran Claire, the final Civic Engagement Quartet Recital, merges two cultures in a beautiful and seemingly unnoticeable way to tell a story of life and family.

Dadima (meaning grandmother in Punjabi) tells the story of my grandmother’s life, beginning on her wedding day in Punjab, 1960. Using the framework of Schumann’s Frauenliebe und -leben, Dadima is a tale of arranged marriage in four vignettes: Vyah (wedding), Muklava (first sight), Pyar (love) and Khushi (happiness).

I wanted to create something that would make art song more accessible to the Punjabi community, to empower broader audiences to engage with this historically European medium.” – Simran Claire, February 2020

Simran Claire is a mezzo-soprano, born and raised in Surrey, BC. She holds a Bachelor of Music in Opera Performance from the University of British Columbia, and was awarded the University of British Columbia Medal for Music, given to the top academic student of the graduating class.

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