Passing Through

Kyla Fradette

Bringing Music to Life

This video was produced in partnership with Music at Christ Church Cathedral.

​Like people, the places in our lives have a profound impact on who we are. ​Passing Through is Kyla Fradette‘s love letter to Victoria, acknowledging and honouring the ways it has molded her life over the past four years.

“It is easy to find oneself living in the comings and goings of life, focusing on the result rather than the journey. To pause for a moment and breathe the fresh ocean breeze can remind us to slow down and take time to appreciate life’s simplicities. As I begin to pack my bags for the next adventure, I am reminded of the excitement of moving to this beautiful island and the meaningful connections I have made with the people and places around me. Victoria is a place where I have hiked a mountain one hour and swam in the ocean the next, where I have been inspired by the talents and passions of the community, and where I have enjoyed calling home for four short years. This project is not only an ode to the beauty of this land, but also a celebration of the experiences and surroundings that have shaped my sense of belonging.” – Kyla Fradette, May 2021

A favoured performer regarded for her “genuine and expressive tone”, Kyla Fradette is a featured soloist in Pacific Opera Victoria’s 2020/21 Apprentice Civic Engagement Quartet, Coloratura, and Pop-Up Opera series.