This I Wish

Charlotte Siegel

Bringing Music to Life

Listen intently as Charlotte Siegel shares her feelings on the current state of the world and her hopes for a better future in her Music Alive recital, This I Wish.

“’Be safe’ is what my mother always says to me when I’m leaving somewhere. It doesn’t matter where I am or where I’m going, those are the last words I hear. I used to take offense to it…as if she didn’t trust who she raised me to be. As I got older though, I realized it had nothing to do with me and everything about outside.

As we saw yet again last week in Washington, the colour of your skin still determines your treatment from the outside world. Back in September as I thought about if this was the story I wanted to tell, I decided there was a reason my thoughts are stuck here. We cannot stop talking about this reality, and I believe creating art that reflects these issues is important. So yes, another black story, and another black story until we no longer have to scream so loud to be heard. I wish for days when parents don’t wake from nightmares, and a child’s dream can be realized without interference from an unfair world. This, I wish for us all.

Thank you, Pacific Opera Victoria, and to all the mentors for supporting me through this first foray into creative directing. I am grateful for the chance to create amidst the chaos, and thanks to you for taking the time to watch.” – Charlotte Siegel, January 2020

Charlotte Siegel is a soprano from Toronto, Ontario. She holds a Master’s in Opera and Voice from McGill University, studying with Dominique Labelle, and John Mac Master. She also holds a Bachelors of Classical Voice Performance from the University of Toronto where she studied under Frédérique Vézina. Currently, she is completing a Graduate Diploma in Opera and Voice at McGill University.

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