The Victoria Symphony

Christian Kluxen, Music DirectorKathryn Laurin, CEO
First ViolinsSecond Violins
Terence Tam, Concertmaster
Christi Meyers, Assistant Concertmaster
Courtney Cameron
Phillip Manning
Müge Büyükçelen-Badel
Cory Balzer
Michele Kwon *
Victoria Lindsay, Principal
Julian Vitek
Emily Salmon
Christopher Taber

Kenji Fuse, Principal
Stacey Boal
Kay Cochran
Mieka Michaux
Brian Yoon, Principal
Joyce Ellwood
Martin Bonham
Perry Foster
Mary Rannie, Principal
Darren Buhr
Richard Volet, Principal
Stephanie Bell
Stephanie BellMichael Byrne, Principal
Russell Bajer
ClarinetsBass Clarinet
Keith MacLeod, Principal
Jennifer Christensen
Jennifer Christensen
Jennifer Gunter, Principal
Anne Marie Power
Alana Despins, Principal *
Michael Oswald, Acting Principal
Ryan Cole, Principal
David Michaux
Brad Howland
William Linwood, PrincipalCorey Rae, Principal *
Julian Jeun, Acting Principal
English HornHarp
Russell BajerAnnabelle Stanley, Principal
Orchestra ManagerOperations Manager
Peter BurrisEric Gallipo
Christopher Reiche Boucher
Russell Bajer, Assistant
*On leave
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