The Birds


Feb 22, 2023 7:30pm

Feb 24, 2023 7:30pm

Feb 26, 2023 2:30pm

Feb 28, 2023 7:30pm

Venue Royal Theatre, 805 Broughton

Duration 2hrs 30min

Come back to the fantasy!

Please note this production includes fog, haze, and strobes effects, as well as sound effects of gunshots, thunder, and explosions.

Join Robert Holliston in the West Lobby one hour before each performance for a pre-show lobby talk!

When two disillusioned humans journey into the realm of Thrushes, Wrens, and Ravens, their ill-advised counsel leads to a thunderous reckoning with the gods.

Good Hope and Loyal Friend don’t set out to destroy the utopian world of the birds – they simply want to rule it. In this tale of suspicion and persuasion, danger, and desire, when warnings of wise Eagles and fearsome titans are ignored, the wrath of Zeus himself rains down on the Citadel of the birds.

With sumptuous melodies that dance through the air evoking the scent of flowers, and radiant arias fitting a Nightingale, this lavish comedic opera begs you to ask yourself – what do you long for?

Almost one hundred years old, Braunfels’ operatic masterpiece has begun to come into its own only in the past two or three decades. Aristophanes was his inspiration; Braunfels departs from the Attic master in the second half of the piece; rather than a driving plot. Braunfels writes a continuous flow of irresistible melodic and sonic beauty. No denying the huge shadows of Wagner and Strauss, but it has its own personal idiom – the vocal writing is grateful in the best way, and the orchestra delivers a web of gorgeous, evocative themes and harmonies that transport us into this magical phantasmagoria.
– Timothy Vernon, Founding Artistic Director

Costume Sketches by designer Nancy Bryant.

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Listen to the cast of The Birds

Enjoy recordings of the stellar cast of The Birds singing some of their favourite music!

2022 | 2023

Sung In
German with English Surtitles

From $29

Royal Theatre, 805 Broughton

Seat Map



Nachtigall (Nightingale)
Claire de Sévigné

Adrian Kramer

Peter Barrett

Wiedhopf (Hoopoe)
Justin Welsh

Kyle Albertson

Zaunschüpfer (Wren)
Jacqueline Woodley

Drossel (Blackbird or Thrush)
Rebecca Cuddy

Adler (Eagle) | Rabe (Raven) | Zeus
Nathan Keoughan

Nachtigall Cover
Suzanne Rigden

Hoffegut Cover
Scott Rumble

Ratefreund Cover
Dion Mazerolle

Wiedhopf (Hoopoe) Cover
Christopher Dunham

Creative Team

Timothy Vernon

Stage Director
Glynis Leyshon

Set Designer
Pam Johnson

Costume Designer
Nancy Bryant

Lighting Designer
Eric Champoux

Projection Designer
Emily Cooper

Sound Designer
Brooke Maxwell

Jacques Lemay

Associate Conductor | Chorus Master
Giuseppe Pietraroia

Perri Lo

Stage Manager
Sara Robb

Assistant Stage Manager
Jordan Guetter

Assistant Stage Manager
Katerina Sokyrko

Head Carpenter
Phil Shaver

Lead Scenic Carpenter
Keith Allan

Head Scenic Artist
Jennifer Hedge

Lead Scenic Artist
Amy Frueh

Head of Properties
Kristen Sands

Lead Property Master
Karina Kalvaitis

Head Make-Up Artist
Jessica Pratt

Hair and Wig Stylist
Cristina Woods

Head of Wardrobe
Sandra McLellan

Lead Wardrobe
Alice Hawes

OAR Apprentice Stage Manager
Kaitlyn Alderson

OAR Set Design Assistant
Ryan Cormack

OAR Costume Design Assistant
Alaia Hamer

OAR Costume Design Assistant
Oriana Camporese

OAR Lighting Design Assistant
Emily Trepanier

OAR Video Projection Design Assistant
Marc Lavallee

OAR Production Assistant
Castor Angus

OAR Makeup Apprentice
Dani Parkinson

OAR Hair/Wigs Apprentice
Misty Buxton

Braunfels writes a continuous flow of irresistible melodic and sonic beauty.